ExoAlpha is an asset management firm specialized in Digital Assets, leveraging its proprietary trading strategies to enhance its clients’ portfolio alpha.


ExoAlpha is an asset management firm specialized in alternative investments including Digital Assets futures, leveraging its proprietary strategies to enhance its clients’ portfolio alpha.

The firm is known as pioneer in Digital Assets futures quantitative investment strategies, and has leveraged its expertise to address markets exhibiting a high level of volatility such as emerging market stocks and commodities.

We combine innovative quantitative trading strategies and cutting-edge trading technology which provide us a competitive advantage.

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Leveraging Digital Assets quantitative trading strategies.

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Risk Management

Capital preservation and execution robustness are at the core of how we manage risk.

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Continuously developing our expertise, providing in-depth market analysis to our clients.

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Our team combines 40 years of portfolio management and quantitative trading experience with in-depth understanding of the Digital Assets market structure.


ExoAlpha has developed quantitative trading strategies designed to take advantage of volatile instruments with a strong risk management approach.
We take an active and multi-dimensional approach to portfolio construction, seeking non-correlated risk exposure in an effort to minimize drawdowns and volatility while maximizing absolute returns.

Our strategies are tailored to our client’ needs through separate managed accounts infrastructure allowing us to address their individual objectives, in terms of performance and tolerance for risk.

We add value for our clients through a robust investment framework and repeatable investment processes, delivering consistently.


Downside protection is key to deliver great returns, which is the keystone of ExoAlpha trading strategies.


Our strategies aim at capturing up and down moves while filtering out the noise, through sophisticated proprietary algorithms, factoring 20 years of hands-first experience and happy investors.


Our proprietary trading infrastructure relies on cutting-edge technology with a dedicated OMS, with a high level of redundancy at every level.

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