Founded by seasoned quantitative traders, portfolio and risk managers, ExoAlpha offers innovative products to its clients.

ExoAlpha executes systematic directional Long/Short quantitative trading strategies on trading Digital Assets. We deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns with limited market exposure.

Our strategies rely on a dynamic allocation to several proprietary trading algorithms, each aiming at extracting alpha from Digital Assets in various market conditions.

Systematic Directional

  • Long/Short Single and Multi Digital Assets trading strategies
  • Embedded management of risk at every level
  • Proprietary execution infrastructure & algorithms
  • Performing in various market conditions
  • Historically uncorrelated with other asset classes

Alpha-Driven Returns




Robust & Reliable

Quantitative Strategies

We have leveraged our previous experience in extracting alpha from any volatile and liquid assets to apply it to Digital Asset markets.

Managed Accounts

We only offer managed managed accounts in order to bring the most transparent and flexible set-up to our investors.

Institutional Back-End Infrastructure

ExoAlpha has developed a proprietary trading infrastructure, which rely on cutting-edge technology to ensure robust execution and fully redundant framework.

Dynamic Market Exposure

As Capital Preservation is a key characteristic of ExoAlpha investment strategies, they adapt dynamically to the underlying markets conditions, only exposing investors to a highly asymmetric return/risk ratio.

Proprietary OMS

ExoAlpha has developed a proprietary OMS (Order Management System) which leveraged its trading infrastructure in order to execute large orders with best execution framework.

No Digital Assets Custody Risk

By trading only cash-settled Digital Assets futures contracts, ExoAlpha is not handling physical Digital Assets: its investors are thus not exposed to the risk of physical Digital Assets theft.

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